Our Katahdin sheep are “hair sheep,” which means they are bred specifically for meat and they shed their hair so they don’t need to be shorn. They are exclusively grass-fed.

Fall 2015 046        Fall 2015 029        Winter 2016 011

Lamb Price List (per pound):

Frenched Rack   $17

Loin chops     $15

Rib chops     $13

Shoulder steak     $9

Stew meat     $13

Leg of Lamb     $12

Ground lamb     $12

Lamb shanks     $8

Liver/kidney/heart/tongue     $4.50

Soup bones     $4

Tallow   $3

We currently have leg of lamb, ground lamb, liver, tongue, and soup bones. To purchase, call us at 716-326-2060, or email us at