We raise our pigs outside where they are free to root and wallow, the things pigs love to do most. We feed them no-soy organic feed that contains no antibiotics. It is supplemented with produce from our garden. Our pork products contain no monosodium glutamate (MSG). Our Berkshire hogs were purchased as organic feeder pigs.

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Pork prices per pound: bacon, $12; cottage bacon, $13; Canadian bacon, $14.50; bacon ends, $8; sweet Italian sausage, $9; hot Italian sausage, $9; breakfast sausage with sage, $9; maple sausage, $9; breakfast sausage links, $10; maple sausage links, $10; ground pork, $9.00; pork chops, $9.50; cutlets, $8; spare ribs, $8; country style ribs, $9; baby back ribs, $12; ham loaf, $10;  ham steaks, $9; ham roasts, $8; smoked hocks, $4.50; tenderloins, $17; shoulder roasts, $8.50; shoulder steaks, $8.50; liver, kidney, heart, or tongue, $4.50; neck bones,$4; leaf lard, $3.50.

All products are currently available except bacon, bacon ends, and baby back ribs. To purchase, call us at 716-326-2060, or email us at tobogganhillfarm@gmail.com.

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    • Cottage bacon comes from the shoulder while regular bacon comes from the belly. The strips are wider and somewhat leaner, and the taste is similar. We measured the thickness of our bacon at approximately 3/16 inch.

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